We are certified for IMPA and ABFN

IMPA is the leading association of maritime procurement and procurement professionals. In the past 30 years, the Association has grown significantly and now represents around 1000 members from around the world. Shipowners, operators and managers are responsible for full and corporate members (buyers), and ship manufacturers and suppliers are associate members (suppliers).

IMPA is chaired by a board of high-level professionals, both in procurement and procurement, who are responsible for directing the secretariat’s duties and formulating the Association’s strategy.

IMPA’s mission is to promote and facilitate cooperation and understanding between buyers and suppliers in the global maritime business.

The Brazilian Association of Suppliers and Ship Services is an entity that brings together Suppliers and Service Providers to ships throughout Brazil.

ABFN, together with the Brazilian Authorities, tries to contribute to finding agile means, within the Legislation, being able to supply the vessels in the shortest possible time, regulating cost / benefit.

Emphasizing that the pioneering spirit of ABFN’s founders, who believed in a capable and solid market, pushes us towards continuity and development with international organizations, and that due to globalization, we are close.

We have more than 20 important certifications in our area


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